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About us
We are the white wolves. Wolves as you may know travel in packs. There numbers are what make them most feared among the others. Wolves don't fight for others rather for themselves, however they help there pack because they need them to accomplish there goals. The pack leader is there to hold every thing in place. Its his responsibility to keep the numbers at a good level. He is to keep his pack well feed and safe. Thus is why we call our selves wolves. White resembles purity. White is the color of clouds that angles sit on. White often resembles angles clothing. white is clam, hate less, and soothing. These two contrasts of wolves and white fit into our clan like a glove fits a hand. Thus is why we call our selves the white wolves.

Point taken

Some of you new to the pack are sitting there maybe thinking whats the point? The point to our clan revolves around three main topics all will be dissed latter on in more detail. The three are quests, dungenoneering, and most of all PVP on PVP servers. As a pack leader ill equip you with the most help and equipment that i can muster. I have lvl 78 combat, 78 mining, and 70 Smithing. so most likely I been where you are. If you are higher level then me then you will already know most of what I am saying.

Voice and chat

voice and chat features are a great way to connect in and out of game. We have two chat features on our website. One for visitors and one for pack members. Those who are pack members can use ether one of the two. Those who have MSN get a third option. for now that's where voice activation will be held as well. If we are in PVP id rather not type shit when im getting hit for 100 hp or more. I am currently trying to find away to get a HTML code with voice activation for our webpage. However the only thing i could find is $5.00 per month. If people use msn voice a lot i will pay the fee to get it on the site till then. Ill be looking for something free.     


Thanks for checking out the webpage if you wish to add me to MSN  add please contcat me in game or on webpage first. If you do not do so i will not accept the invite. Many thanks more coming soon :D 



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New Webpage

Mankiller9072.5, Oct 10, 10 4:49 PM.
Webpage is now up and running so come on and join up!
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